A Fun Fact About Deb

I got to meet and hang out with Steven Tyler from the band Aerosmith while we were waiting to be seated at BOMA in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The next day we couldn’t wait to get on the Rock n’ Roller Coaster!

What was your first memory of Disney World?

My First Visit to Disney World was in the 70’s.  I was a teenager and felt like I was transported into world of joy, magic and fantasy as I walked down Main Street USA.  When parade started and Tigger reached out to my mom and started to dance with her is one is one of my favorite memories.  I saw the child within her.  That day started my love and passion for Disney.  I have returned countless times since then and still get the same feeling. And have loved creating lifelong memories with my children, grandchild and friends.

What does a perfect day in a Disney park look like to you?

Perfect day in Disney World to me starts with riding the Walt Disney Railroad train, going on the Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean. Getting my picture taken with my pals Mickey and Pluto and watching the fireworks from the top of Main Street railroad platform with my family beside me.

What would you say you specialize in with your planning? What makes you stand out from anyone else?

My specialty – No worries, I’m here to help to book, plan and create an itinerary specifically for your wishes. Having been a Disney Vacation Travel Planner since 2014 I have helped many families make their Disney dreams come. If you traveling alone or with children, grandparents a group or someone with special needs my passion and dedication is to plan a magical worry-free Disney vacation.

Contact Deb at deb@imnwt.com!